What Were the Most Popular Names of the Decade?

Dec 08, 2019 19:05

Data is out for the most popular baby names of the decade (well, of 2010-2018, at least). What were the trends in the United States?
  • Some of the biggest pop-culture names included Khaleesi, Daenarys, Hermione, Dexter, Arya, Leia, Elsa, and Adele.
  • Celebrity baby names also had an influence on some parents. Names like Harper, Hazel, Flynn, Sunday, Violet, George, Louis, and North increased in popularity.
  • Parents want unique names. Less than 10 percent of baby boys now have a top 10 name, and less than 8 percent of girls do.
  • Unisex and gender-neutral names became more popular, like Cameron, Riley, Jordan, and Avery.

    What were the most popular names of the decade in your country, ONTD?

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