Harry Styles - “Adore You” (Eroda Video Trailer)

Dec 02, 2019 16:21

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Harry Styles, who is set to release his second solo album next Friday, released a trailer for his upcoming single.

The trailer is narrated by Spanish singer-songwriter and colonizer, Rosalía, and introduces us to the faraway island of Eroda (“Adore” backwards). It’s dark and dreary and also inhabited by fishermen and townspeople who are notorious for never smiling. One day, a boy (Styles) is born with a bright smile, and is completely shunned for it by the islanders.

Eventually a grown Styles stumbles upon an unlikely friend: a fish with a similar problem. To be continued...

The full-length video for “Adore You,” is set to be release this Friday, December 6th, and was directed by Dave Meyers.

ONTD, would you visit the fictional island of Eroda? 🌴


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