No Further Plans for Season 5 of Veronica Mars at Hulu

Nov 12, 2019 19:37

#VeronicaMars Update: No Current Plans for a Season 5 at Hulu (Exclusive) via @MichaelAusiello
- (@TVLine) November 12, 2019

According to series creator Rob Thomas, there have been no further discussions with Hulu about bringing Kristen Bell‘s detective back for a fifth season. The season was met with extreme backlash after Rob Thomas [Spoiler (click to open)]killed off Veronica's longtime love and new husband Logan, claiming married detectives weren't interesting, as well as the depiction of Veronica in the new season.

While hulu declined to comment, Thomas maintains there may be more Veronica Mars in the future, stating his plans included "some version of Murder in a Manor House." other news, watch Cobie Smulders' awesome detective show Stumptown, wednesdays at 10pm on ABC!


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