Timothée Chalamet Promotes 'The King': Interviews, Photoshoot

Nov 01, 2019 08:34

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  • Grew up in NYC, so trick-or-treated down hallways in his building instead of from house to house. Past Halloween costumes include Yu-Gi-Oh and Spider-Man from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark (aka with a cast and crutches).
  • Had a large hat collection cover up his bowl cut while shooting The King.
  • Greta Gerwig had the cast of the film do a dance class to break the ice before filming on Little Women, and he was a little starstruck seeing Emma Watson for the first time, since he grew up watching her in Harry Potter.

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  • Talks with Ali Plumb from the BBC on a program called "The Story So Far..."
  • Talks about making The King. Kept the helmet and chain as souvenirs.
  • Still gets starstruck, and hopes that continues.
  • Talks about Call Me By Your Name; most common question is "will there be another one?"
  • Likes Edie Falco's response to "What's your process?": "I don't know, I just do it." Feels true to him.
  • Has been mistaken for Tom Holland, who he thinks is the best Spider-Man.
  • First real gig was on Law & Order (note: not sure how OP didn't know this already!!), which kept a lot of New York actors employed.
  • Felt supported by the excellent cast of The King: Joel Edgerton, Sean Harris, Ben Mendelsohn, etc.

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FYI: The King is now available on Netflix

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