Chris Hemsworth is pretty good at trash talk in this week’s Superhero Fantasy League

Oct 20, 2019 14:14

This week’s featured matchup in the #agbosuperheroleague for charity is @chrishemsworth vs... myself. Chris is playing for @AusChildhood & I’m playing for @TheVFoundation ... Fun stuff. Check it out. @Russo_Brothers
- Matthew Berry (@MatthewBerryTMR) October 18, 2019

*It’s late, I know, both my nephews had soccer tournaments all day yesterday so I was out watching other people doing the trash talking!

*In this week’s Superhero Fantasy League, Chris Hemsworth can actually back up his trash talking as he’s in first place in the league. He takes on ESPN writer (and Endgame-stands-next-to-Thor-cameo artist) Matthew Berry (currently in 5th place)

*Elizabeth Olsen is no longer in last place! She moved up to 12th place after notching her first win of the season against Michael B. Jordan, who falls to 13th place.

*Iron Man once again overtook Captain America, as RDJ (8th place) handed Chris Evans (11th place) his 4th loss of the season. But Chris Evans was busy enjoying Disney World so he probably didn’t care.

*This week Ant Man Paul Rudd (7th place) will have to avoid being squashed by Iron Man RDJ this week. Perhaps Paul can use the Quantum Realm to go back in time to before his number one player Patrick Mahomes was taken out for several weeks due to a knee injury.

*Chris Pratt is still in 4th place in this league, which means this week you have to ask yourself if your dislike of Pratt is enough to make you root for his opponent, Miles Teller (3rd place).


Are injuries messing up your fantasy league this season?

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