Marc Cherry's anthology dramedy Why Women Kill renewed for season 2

Oct 17, 2019 00:05

Why Women Kill Renewed for Season 2 of New Stories and Characters
- E! News (@enews) October 16, 2019
- According to one CBS All Access exec, Why Women Kill has become one of their most streamed original series, thanks to "the creative direction of Marc Cherry and the incredible performances of the cast ( Read more... )

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tipping4_2 October 16 2019, 19:11:11 UTC
my parenthood/joel loving self is all *clutching ma pearls* at how much of a jerk sam jaeger is in this lol

lucy liu is really good, a hammy queen tbh


i_prefer_scummy October 16 2019, 19:45:19 UTC
I'm so into this show. More than I thought I'd be. Lucy needs an Emmy. I don't like Gennifer Goodwin's acting that much except when she's being evil.

I wonder if they could keep a few people (like Gennifer Goodwin who needs the job lbr) and just give them different characters ala AHS.


frankthesheep October 16 2019, 20:32:10 UTC
I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. I hope the women get away with it.


friarsfire October 16 2019, 22:16:13 UTC
Haha same


averageontder October 16 2019, 21:25:07 UTC

thelove_witch October 16 2019, 21:29:24 UTC

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