Drake refused to eat food prepared by Brazilians and didn't tip

Sep 29, 2019 10:16

Drake trouxe a própria comida e seu chef de cozinha; até a batata para fritar veio do exterior https://t.co/BBtGm4lUYd #RockInRio
- Jornal Extra (@jornalextra) September 29, 2019

Drake, in Brazil for the Rock in Rio festival, stayed at a luxury hotel in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. He reportedly pissed off the hotel workers by refusing to eat the food that was prepared for him by the Brazilian chefs who work at the hotel. Sources say he also refused to drink mineral water that was offered to him backstage at Rock In Rio.

Drake brought his own food (one potato, apparently), water and his own chef to the country. Even though he went to the Michelin-starred hotel restaurant, he had his chef go into the kitchen and fry the potato for him.

Drake also reportedly did not tip any of the hotel/restaurant workers who served him.

Local media also got wind of a "private party" Drake had at his hotel room with a group of handpicked "insta models". The women's phones were allegedly confiscated by Drake's security team at the door.

Local media also got the dirt on Drake's behaviour backstage at Rock in Rio. He was, according to the festival organizers, a nightmare. He reportedly spent the day before his performance complaining and threatening to cancel his set and at one point it was even removed from his tour schedule on his website. He fought with his own crew, fired his light manager and then rehired him after he failed to find a replacement. He also reportedly complained that the stage was too small for him.

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drake is being torn to shreds by the media and the public and it serves him right.

don't come to brazil, drake