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Sep 21, 2019 18:17

Yo #Killjoys has been a quiet summer joy factory for years, and tonight’s series finale only confirmed what has long made it so special. ❤️ to the cast & crew, and thank you to @lovretta for chatting with me @paste_tv about the end
- Alexis Gunderson (@AlexisKG) September 21, 2019
Paste Magazine spoke with showrunner and ( Read more... )

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ivy_b September 21 2019, 17:15:26 UTC
This show. I really feel like they stalled the whole season (or last two seasons, really) and could only figure out one big showdown, and even that didn't involve everyone (what were Turin, Fancy and Pree doing? Chilling? Jaqobis couldn't have used some extra fire power?). I'm glad we got a happy ending- Aneela/Delle Seyah ruling and potentially both Hullen, Team Awesome Force heading for one more mission before they temporarily go their separate ways (no way do I believe Johnny would settle on a farm, but I was shocked they remembered Clara and the Hackmods, I'd be down for him going on an adventure with them). Turin re-purposes the RAC, Pree is governor and Fancy... Is just there, almost as always ( ... )


queenb727 September 22 2019, 03:20:14 UTC
Yeah, there was a lot of lead up to the fight, but the showdown went so fast. I wish Dutch and the guys were together and had to fight the Lady's body.

But I loved Team Awesome Force at the end. And I liked what the showrunner said about Dutch and Johnny's bond being concrete enough for a short break.

I liked all of the happy endings. I don't care, bring Pip back, I love happy endings.

I'm going to miss this show. Thanks for always posting so I had somewhere to talk about it.


ivy_b September 22 2019, 06:54:05 UTC
It was my pleasure, I loved the show and talking to people about it.

There's a lot that I wish they would have done a bit different, but I am glad about a happy ending all around. I'm definitely taking it as Johnny going on some solo adventures, but Dutch (and D'avin) being home, there's no way he's going off to settle somewhere else.


war_machine_rox September 21 2019, 17:22:13 UTC
Maybe now they'll have it streaming somewhere. I'm like, seasons behind and I can't catch up lol :(


msbombtastic September 21 2019, 17:28:10 UTC
I don't watch this, but I thought that was Shawn Ashmore in that gif and got a little... parched.


msbombtastic September 21 2019, 17:29:58 UTC
google tells me it's his brother, so no wonder lmao bloop


sweet_illuzion September 21 2019, 18:05:58 UTC
I didn't like that so much time was spent on the prison ship this season. It draaaaaggged. But I really really do appreciate the character growth from s1 to now with not just team awesome force but everyone. didn't like them bringing you know who back though. That felt beyond randomly inserted.

I binged the entire show in a few weeks late last year and watching it made me realize that these found family type ensemble shows are definitely my fave. I'm going to miss it so much :'(


ivy_b September 21 2019, 19:54:28 UTC
God the prison ship dragged so much and we spent so much time with those characters. And what was the point of even hinting at Johnny/Rennika and then ignoring it an episode later? Not that I needed it or Johnny to end up with anyone, but if you're going to put it out there...

God Pippin should have stayed dead. Such a forced happy ending, Zeph doesn't need him, saving the world is enough of a happy ending for her and she can eventually learn to move on. If it was hinted at before the finale it'd be one thing, but it was so shoe horned in.

Awww, I live for found family ensemble shows. This show was far from perfect and the last two seasons especially, but I am gonna miss it.


wanderlost September 21 2019, 18:13:18 UTC
I'm so confused about this season. The final "showdown"? What was that? That was so easy. I truly thought it was a fake out and was waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Why did Pippin come back? What was the use of Jack other than telling them not to kill the spider one place, but do it elsewhere?

There was no suspense or gravitas or je ne sais quoi for most of the season. I'm actually disappointed. The story line with the most impact was 'Johnny still has memories of being married to Dutch' and even that they wrapped up in two seconds.

The show was fun, yes, but I wished the final season was better.


ivy_b September 21 2019, 19:58:11 UTC
Honestly, I don't even know what these two final seasons were. 19 episodes of meandering and a five second showdown.

Why is Jaq even psychic, if we're going to be asking questions. I dunno.

Pippin should have stayed dead, such a pointless character to bring back just so Zeph isn't sad.

I'm totally with you. This season didn't feel like they were up against the end of the world, there was no real suspense or sense of urgency, not when they have time to play grab the flag and have side quests. I'm still happy I saw the show and like it and happy the ending was a bad one for the characters, but still. Very disappointing ending.


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