The New Yorker profiles Constance Wu

Sep 18, 2019 14:24

Constance Wu has recently found major success in television and Hollywood. She has also, somewhat inadvertently, become the face of a historic moment for Asian-American representation.
- The New Yorker (@NewYorker) September 17, 2019

  • We know we in for a treat when the article starts with Constance complaining that the stylist has "burned" her while putting a flower on her hair and claiming that the make-up artist is making her too pretty on the set of the indie movie "I Was a Simple Man".
  • The article mentioned that the internet was on her side when she called out the Oscars for rewarding noted creep Casey Affleck, but turned on her after her twitter fiasco about the renewal of "Fresh Off The Boat".
  • She sees stereotypical characters as an opportunity to give them more humanity which is never given to asian characters.
  • Eddie Huang: “Constance really captures a lot of my mom, because my mom is very much a diva. They both are.” He laughed. “They’re both just super-alpha, super-diva, super-unstoppable forces. Constance shows up anywhere, and it’s a hurricane.”
  • The article does a pretty good job on talking about Asian representation.
  • Wu says she’s not proud of what she said on her Twitter controversy, and then continues: "I don’t want to be a fucking role model, I’m an artist. Wouldn’t that make people feel a lot less lonely when they were having the feelings and emotions that weren’t the prescribed ones? I’m glad people are talking shit about me, because it makes me think about other people’s feelings and the effects of things.”

The New Yorker profile on Constance Wu by @JiayangFan is so so good.
- shania twink (@phillipethao) September 16, 2019

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