Sinead O’Connor Alleges Prince Attempted To ‘Beat Her Up,’

Sep 16, 2019 17:45

#SineadOConnor claims that #Prince once tried to physically assault her
- ET Canada (@ETCanada) September 16, 2019

O’Connor claimed that Prince once attempted to physically assault her.
“Prince tried to beat me up. It was a very frightening experience. He summoned me to his house one night and I foolishly went alone. He was uncomfortable with the fact I wasn’t a protegee of his and that I’d just recorded the song. He was wanting me to be a protegee of his and ordered that I don’t swear in my interviews. I told him where he could go and he went for me. He went upstairs and got a pillow and he had something hard in the pillow. I ran out of his house, hiding behind a tree.”

O’Connor explained how she managed to get away without injury.
“We meet on the highway in Malibu at 5 in the morning - I’m spitting at him, he’s trying to punch me. I had to go ring someone’s doorbell, which my father always told me to do if I was in a situation like that.”

O'Connor said that Prince was “into some pretty dark drugs at the time,”


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