Jenny Hval Has a New Album Out and It's Really Fucking Good So

Sep 15, 2019 13:08

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Get ready to stan, y'all. And see her live bc it is a privilege and life changing. Trust me. Would I lie to you? Don't answer.

Go to your local record store and buy Jenny Hval's new album "The Practice of Love" or I will be disappointed in you if you only stream it tbh.

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cherrynorth September 15 2019, 22:32:41 UTC
I appreciate the enthusiasm of this post but I need more information! What is her music like? How many other albums has she made?? Who is she even


cherrynorth September 15 2019, 22:34:00 UTC
I mean whatever I'll just google but it's the principle lol


peddlestools September 16 2019, 03:28:06 UTC
Lmao just click play on the video and decide if you want more

But she is a Norwegian queer socialist who literally wrote a book on queer sensuality and a reviewer called her album "ambient therapy" and I also could have included a cute tweet from her that would not have helped you tbh bc she was just like, "I have a new album, friends, I hope you like it"

She's also hot af

And she made a concept album about lesbian vampires

She is actually a performance artist live so it's even more exciting visually, but she makes music that is equally pleasing to the ears so

Idk did you google her did I just waste 3 minutes on this


cherrynorth September 16 2019, 04:30:32 UTC
I did but tbh your summary is more compelling than anything I read in my quick googling so I will def check out the new album and proceed from there



peddlestools September 16 2019, 12:15:43 UTC
Awww thank you

So there are also common themes in her music: queer sex, abandonment, fear of rejection, heartbreak, not liking how some words sound in Norwegian

She had a PowerPoint slide about that one set to a really good best

A woman who is always in her videos and may be her girlfriend was pregnant and they didn't make her do a lot except recline in an inflatable clam with a pearl in it.

Like, v gay

Her latest album is mostly about her mother not wanting her and all the ways it fucked her up but it is short and there is one dance song on there that is so good and the rest will make you cry. I did!


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