The Best 15 (5) TV Series Finales of the Decade

Sep 10, 2019 11:50

The Best TV Series Finales of the Decade
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This decade big tv hits have ended so this is a compilation of the best series finales according to the source, if you believe the writer was on drugs when he wrote some of these entries you aren't the only one.


According to the source, even if divisive since when divisive means everybody and their moms hated it? the finale is brilliant because it's true to life: loved ones die and you have to move on because nothing lasts forever, friendships included but is also about looking forward, not back, that's why ted connects with friend Robin in a new way and Barney Stinson has a beautiful conclusion.

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GoT season 8 was very divisive, but even with the pacing issues the season had the finale itself is a fitting ending to the show because each major character gets an ending that feels true to who they are and it makes sense to their characters arcs. This was an emotional send-off and a bittersweet conclusion to the biggest tv show of all time.

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Before the GoT finale backlash there was LOST's, the series finale has been one of the most divisive and controversial finales, a prime example of a tv show that had great potential and a great beggining but didn't know how to stick the landing, except that for the writer that isn't true because if even we are not given actual answers (like the 90% of the viewers wanted) the show didn't need to do that, just to give us closure, and they did, because more important than the mysteries that provided all the plot for six seasons were these characters and their journeys and they ended in a really beautiful and satisfying way.

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Vince Gilligan had a lot of pressure to give us a good finale and he definitely delivered, the BrBa finale gave us everything we wanted, it was at once methodical, explosive and calm, questions were answered, characters were given moving goodbyes, and Walt died not as a villain or a hero but as a man whose purpose has been fulfilled.

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The Americans is one of this decade's best tv shows and the show also delivered on their final episode "START" ,the finale gave us everything we wanted: the long waited showdown between Stan Beeman and Philip Jennings, the big twist with Paige finally standing up to Elizabeth. With "START", The Americans ends exactly where it needs to; it's powerful, poetic, and, well, perfect.

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