Early Reviews for It: Chapter 2 are In - Hader is a Star

Aug 21, 2019 10:24

#ITChapterTwo is big and ambitious and can't *quite* handle the weight of its aspirations, but it's still a fine piece of heartfelt horror. The parts that work, work REALLY well and Bill Hader is every-bit the scene-stealing standout we all hoped he'd be.
- Haleigh Foutch (@HaleighFoutch) August 21, 2019

The world-first reactions to It: Chapter 2 are in. With Pennywise’s returning to cinemas on September 6, a few members of the press got the chance to see the scare-filled sequel a few weeks early. Both the adult and kid versions of the Losers’ Club are big hits, with Bill Hader even being tipped for an Oscar nod (werk). Elsewhere, reactions were decidedly mixed, some commenting that the runtime feels overly long in places and not as tight as the original. Here are a selection of the reactions to It: Chapter 2.

So #ITChapterTwo was pretty damn great & the ending left me in tears. There are some excellent set pieces (finale had me holding my breath at times) that got under my skin & I think the adult Losers are awesome. Relies a bit too much on flashbacks tho but fans should be happy.🎈 pic.twitter.com/UKDf0frOTg
- Heather Wixson (@thehorrorchick) August 21, 2019

#ITChapter2 has a rushed, clumsy first act & an odd lack of chemistry among the adult Losers. But it eventually finds its footing. This is a BIG movie-a go for broke horror blockbuster not afraid to make weird choices. Bill Hader steals the show. #ITMovie #ITChapterTwo pic.twitter.com/cib2slRfoq
- Chris Evangelista (@cevangelista413) August 21, 2019

I don’t write reviews but I would like to inform you all that #ITChapterTwo is dark af, very emotional, and I’m still not over how damn good the casting is. pic.twitter.com/ustlBLcgsb
- Crystal Ro (@crystalro) August 21, 2019

#ITChapterTwo is awesome. The adult cast is perfect and loved the way the film mixes in the old and new. I don't want to say too much because most of you are going to see it. Congrats to everyone that worked on it for a job well done. pic.twitter.com/b8yFZe3FzU
- Steven Weintraub (@colliderfrosty) August 21, 2019

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