Wade Robson Responds to MTV Decision Not to Rename 'Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award'

Aug 13, 2019 09:25

Exclusive: Michael Jackson Accuser Wade Robson Criticizes MTV's 'Unfortunate Choice' to Keep Jackson's Name on Video Vanguard Award https://t.co/jlNMfND3bC pic.twitter.com/rakELplSRr
- TheWrap (@TheWrap) August 12, 2019

Wade Robson spoke exclusively to The Wrap to give his thoughts on MTV choosing to keep his alleged abuser's name on their award. He said:

“I don’t personally need MTV to do one thing or the other, but as child abuse survivors all over the world watch to see whether society will support them or not if they have the courage to come forward, in that regard, it’s an unfortunate choice."

It's interesting to see MTV bending over backwards to protect the legacy of Jackson (an alleged child molester) considering they invented the award just to shut his jealous ass up.

According to J. Randy Taraborrelli 's 1991 book Michael Jackson: The Magic and the Madness, the award was invented to placate the alleged child molester after his jealousy of non-child molester Madonna being named "Artist of the Decade" by multiple publications in 1989. From the book:

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