Jeana from ANTM Cycle 24 Spills All the Tea

Aug 11, 2019 20:45

Jeana Turner, the runner up from the 24th cycle of America's Next Top Model, took to instagram live, and then posted it to youtube, to talk all about her experience with the show. Some of the things she covers are:

-The incident in the desert and why they tried to make it seem like she was being a drama queen
-More or less confirms the reason why Liz quit that have been going around for a while: ie her life was threatened and she left because she didn't feel safe. Liz didn't so much "quit" as she left to spend the night in the hotel and they wouldn't let her back.
-She talks about how the show manipulated her reveal about posing for Playboy and how Trya was a huge bitch about it and basically called Jeana a slut for accepting that sex sells and using that to her advantage in her career [wtf Tyra]
-They straight up lied to her about what makeover they were going to give her.
-They didn't tell them what the prizes were they down to the last seven girls.

And a whole lot more. This isn't the first time she has gone off so it's fun to see her go off again.

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