Aly & AJ: Full Album in 2020 + They Wanna Tour w/ Carly Rae Jepsen

Jul 09, 2019 20:31

Interview. @alyandaj talk 'Sanctuary,' touring, partnering with @TrevorProject and their goal to drop a new album in 2020:
- idolator (@idolator) July 8, 2019

Then & Now
· Aly: "I think the longer that we make new music and put out records and release even just one-off songs, I think the less we'll play from the past."
· They do want to give ode to the songs that have sustained their career, but they also want to make sure their new music is being introduced in their live performances.
· Says 'Don't Go Changing' brings them full circle with 'Rush' and goes back to, "be every colour that you are".
· Thinks they'll always play 'Rush' and 'Potential Breakup Song' in their set ups, saying those are staple songs and they love the crowd's energy when those songs are being performed.

’80s-inspired Synth Pop
· AJ: "I feel like a lot of what I'm hearing on Top 40 is kind of... some of it’s great, and some is like, I've heard this."
· Describes their new sound as modern without being too much of a throwback.
· Listened to some Robert Palmer, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, and a lot of great '80s hits from the past.

Political Anthems
· Aly: "There are some, obviously, pop artists and songs out there that are socially conscious or political, but there's not many. Especially on Top 40 radio - it's all very much love-based."
· Are hoping to dive deeper into social matters for their next songs.
· Interested in writing political songs, songs that empower women, that empower men, and speak to this generation.
· 'Sanctuary' is their favourite song from their latest EP. They say the undertones for their EP 'Sanctuary' are religious-based (they grew up in a Christian family), but they do have a sense of responsibility for what they need to be writing about. They are vocal about their beliefs when referring to themselves, but they don't agree with preaching.

· AJ: "We are going to get in the studio when we get home. Probably starting like end of July, August."
· They want to release a couple of new tracks before the end of this year.
· Their goal is to release a full album by late 2020.
· They have a "dream list" of people they want to tour with and Carly Rae Jepsen is high on that list.


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