robyn premieres the video for 'ever again'

Jun 17, 2019 14:26

Let me tell you about my heart. Let me tell you about not repeating my mistakes. But also what ever fuck it💦
- Robyn (@robynkonichiwa) June 17, 2019

Production Designer @fdimottola
Hair @fbjstockholm
Make up Gemma Smith Edhouse
Editor Tianès Montasser
Grade @ToulletMatthieu
- Robyn (@robynkonichiwa) June 17, 2019

  • robyn (not rihallah) has released the new music video for honey album closer “ever again”
  • according to not-rihanna the video takes place in “a dreamy place, somewhere undefined, somewhere in my unconsciousness”
  • watch "ever again" below:

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these full on performance vibes got me feelin' myself like

ontd, do you only dress and rest (to the beat) cause love don't live here anymore...?

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