It's the 15th anniversary of Mean Girls

Apr 30, 2019 15:33

Today marks 15 years since #MeanGirls hit movie theaters!
- Entertainment Weekly (@EW) April 30, 2019

The classic teen comedy Mean Girls was released in theaters 15 years ago today.

Aside from launching the careers of many of its stars - as well as becoming a career turning point for then-Disney actress Lindsay Lohan - it helped transition writer Tina Fey into a full fledged comedic icon, and became a staple in culture as one of the most quoted movies of all time. Just a few months ago the film served as inspiration for Ariana Grande's record-breaking music video 'Thank U Next'.

Tina Fey and Ana Gasteyer sat down to discuss what questions they still get asked about the movie for Entertainment Weekly:

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A look back at the film with interviews with the cast from 2004:

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Lindsay Lohan as Regina, James Franco as Aaron and an Unlikely Original Title: 15 Secrets About Mean Girls That Are So Fetch
- E! News (@enews) April 30, 2019

E! shared some trivia that you may or may not know:

• Lindsay originally wanted to play Regina, but the president of Paramount demanded she star in the picture because her Disney audience wouldn't accept her as the villain.
• Amanda Seyfried was also considered to play Regina, but producer Lorne Michaels suggested she'd be better as Karen.
• The original title was Homeschooled.
• The film was originally rated R, and had to suffer many cuts and edits to achieve a PG-13 including changing the line 'cherry popped' to 'muffin buttered'.
• James Franco was originally considered as Aaron Samuels.
• Glen Coco is the real-life name of Tina Fey's brother's good friend.

An 'Anniversary Edition' of the film will also be released on Blu-Ray this June 11th:

It can be pre-ordered via Amazon

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Favorite Mean Girls quote/scene/memory, ONTD? Who remembers seeing it in theaters?

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