Conspicuously absent from her talk show, Wendy Williams is nervous about being replaced

Feb 09, 2019 14:50

As previously reported on ONTD, Wendy has been M.I.A. from her daytime television talk show for weeks after suffering a mysterious shoulder injury. On top of that, although Wendy insists in public statements that the "Hunter Family" is stronger than ever, it is widely known that Kevin Hunter's longtime mistress, with whom he shares a second home, is pregnant. There are also rumors that Wendy's shoulder injuries were caused by domestic abuse.

Wendy's conspicuous absence from the 11th season of her show follows months of erratic behavior on television, such as slurring her words, being unable to read basic sentences on the teleprompter, forgetting guests' names, no longer walking on set at all and sitting during all of her segments, and infamously fainting on set while dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

In light of her absence, the show has been hosted by numerous stand-ins, including seasoned television personalities Jerry O'Connell and Nick Cannon. Several staff members have reportedly pushed for one of Wendy's replacements to take over for good, citing their frustration that Wendy built her career on spilling tea but won't be honest with her own staff about what is going on with her life that is clearly in shambles.

For example, on Nick Cannon's first day he reported that he had spoken to Wendy and she was doing great. Yet even longtime staff who had been there since season 1 said they had not heard anything from Wendy about when she would return or what might happen to the show. What's more, Wendy was spotted last week in Florida which has also led her staff to believe she is lying about her illnesses.

On top of this, there are some viewers who say they'd rather Nick Cannon take Wendy's role, too--or at least get his own talk show.

Sources said that Wendy is unsettled by the apparent success of her stand-ins, and she’s becoming concerned that she won’t be able to make it back on the air in time to save her gig. There is no indication of when Wendy would return, or if anyone even wants her to. One insider told Page Six, “She’s in no state to get back on TV anytime soon."

“She’s super scared and anxious,” said an insider. “Watching [fill-in host] Nick Cannon being a huge hit with her audience is tough for her. They’re already starting to mess with the format. It’s like watching them screw around with her baby.”

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