Tumblr’s ban on Porn is here and as expected it’s a mess

Dec 17, 2018 18:47

Tumblr's porn filter flags its own examples of "permitted" nudity https://t.co/r5HOUHn033 pic.twitter.com/1vuh2L2zWb
- Gizmodo (@Gizmodo) December 18, 2018

• Today, Tumblr’s ban on adult content went into effect and as expected, it’s a mess. The system is flagging things that aren’t even Porn related...like at all.

• Gizmodo posted a gif to Tumblr that the company themselves deemed acceptable under their new terms, but it was immediately flagged as a potential violation and hidden by the platform’s own filter.

• This happened despite Tumblr clarifying that its new adult content ban doesn’t effect “female-presenting nipples” such as medical situations, artwork, or related to political speech.

• Several users online are experiencing problems by posts of theirs being wrongfully flagged despite no nudity in their uploads to the website.

• People are protesting by logging out of their accounts.

Tumblr didn't even warn me that they flagged this post of mine (I wouldn't've known if I wasn't specif. looking for it) (it's just an old photo of my mom in front of her childhood home???) so they removed it and now I can't even get them to review it? What a disaster lol @tumblr pic.twitter.com/HU1UN1EBnv
- Jenny Lam (@TheJennyLam) December 17, 2018

Pictures of my cat and photos of birds and rocks got flagged but i still had to block four porn bots yesterday #TumblrIsDeadParty #Tumblr
- European Gay Disaster Girl (@kissesgrell) December 17, 2018

I'm doing #TumblrLogOff because their idiotic algorithm thought a text post with a single pixelated pokemon was NSFW. Thanks @tumblr, your already nigh-unusable site just got worse!
- Duke (@laangdons) December 17, 2018

Anyways tumblr is dead to me because they flagged these set of pictures pic.twitter.com/eqjED9mVTH
- 🌙 litchi 🌙 (@suicunepng) December 16, 2018

The only people arguing that #tumblr staff know what theyre doing is the staff themselves #tumblrban #tumblrpurge #tumblrboycott pic.twitter.com/o8sAlcIP2r
- Team True Alpha ⭕️ (@VOlDlAS) December 17, 2018

#Tumblr just flagged as "adult" this post I published relative to the recent archaeological discovery in Egypt … pic.twitter.com/nqARBqEcMf
- bittenapple (@bittenapple) December 16, 2018

ONTD, have you experienced any problems?

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