Years & Years - If You're Over Me (Music Video Premiere)

May 15, 2018 13:47

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• Just in time for Age of the Twink™ Years & Years drops the music video for their second single “If You're Over Me” off their second studio album, Palo Santo.

• Frontman Olly Alexander is featured in some sort of West Hollywood High School talent production.

• Their second studio album Palo Santo drops Friday, July 6th 2018.

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slinkydinks May 15 2018, 21:28:07 UTC
Just watched this. Their more recent videos have been a little... pretentious?

Sanctify was growing on me, but not really feeling this one as much.


veov10 May 15 2018, 21:31:36 UTC
this song gives me paramore 'after laughter' vibes with the upbeat sound but depressing lyrics, i love it.


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orange_jelly23 May 15 2018, 22:13:29 UTC
it really reminds me of that 'this gonna be the best day of my liiife...' song but American Authors


rosevael May 15 2018, 21:35:45 UTC


shittysoup May 15 2018, 21:39:26 UTC
So far I'm not really feeling the new stuff. The videos kind of suck too.


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