Prince abused numerous women while on drugs in released police interviews

Apr 21, 2018 07:11

About two weeks after Prince's death, Sinead O'Connor was interviewed among others in an investigation pertaining to his death. In the files released by police, Sinead tells of instances where Prince would be violent with women he knew, had "visions" from god that an album was evil, so he wouldn't release it.

“In the case of Prince, everyone is mistaken who believes he did not have a drug habit the entirety of his life. He used hard drugs commonly,” she told police in a May 2, 2016 interview, as noted by The Blast. “I know this because I spent time with the man.”

O'Connor divulged that he would go to another room - presumably to do the drugs- and come back violent. "He had two women in the band, Wendy and Lisa,” she said. “Wendy was in the hospital for six weeks after he beat the shit out of her.”

Sinead tells that more women will be coming forward in time.

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