Scandal Series Finale - Who lived, who died and who did Liv end up with?!

Apr 20, 2018 19:00

By the standards of typical series finales, #Scandal was pretty darn successful
- Vulture (@vulture) April 20, 2018

Last night was the series finale of Scandal and the author of this article wrote a very....nice recap but I'm not going to be so nice. The final episode tied up some loose ends and was extremely fast paced. We get a surprise appearance from the vile Hollis Doyle, some commentary from Sally Langston, a half ass ending for 2 characters that honestly seemed like an after thought when writing the script, a cringe worthy monologue from David Rosen about being 'Americas bitch', angsty-love arguing for Liv & Fitz, Cyrus fully embracing the dark side [Spoiler (click to open)] and murdering David Rosen bc Jake basically called him a wimp for never getting his own hands dirty and what would Scandal be without an over the top but extremely accurate monologue from the one and only Eli Pope.

All in all, the season probably could have used two more episodes because the episode was so rushed trying to close out everyone's stories.


So did you find the series finale to be unsatisfying especially after a lackluster final season?

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