Harry Styles is a Thief: An ONTD Original on How Fashion Icon Brandon Flowers was Imitated For Years

Sep 22, 2017 21:56

In 2004, honorary British-American lead vocalist Brandon Flowers came onto the scene with his highly successful band The Killers. The Las Vegas King alongside his best friend Ronnie and two other ungrateful mates Dave and Mark had an impact in the UK before the US and signed with a British label first in 2003 before even getting signed in the US with their breakout hit "Mr. Brightside." During the years he has displayed many fashionable looks throughout the past 14+ years. BFlow has never been shy to take risks and push the well fitted envelope. Naturally, imitators will follow and perhaps it's why the 23-year-old [citation needed] Harry Styles decided to steal every piece Brandon previously owned & wore before moving his family from Las Vegas to Utah. Perhaps the Queen of Pop Madonna said it best, "reductive." Victims grab your freshly purchased "Wonderful Wonderful" CD/Vinyl's and Harries grab your Reach™ brand toothbrushes to throw at me and maybe support his second single? Meanwhile let me put down this third first slice of birthday cake down and let's take a look at how Flowers inspired Fashionista to Maxxinista Harold Styles. Sigh. I can't believe it's come to this. LookWhatYouMadeMeDo.mp3 [automatic replay set without permission].

A BFlow pretty in pink classic lewk. Since 2004's "Hot Fuss" Brandon has wore a variation of well tailored pink suits and jackets. Harold however chose a poorly fitted pink suit from the tiny ass men's section from Forever 21 while waiting and shopping with his model girlfriend -insert name here-

Theft Rating: High and in plain caucausian daylight.

Opting for a slimmer and sleeker ribbon bow tie Brandon once again shows a cleaner and better color & style pairing. Harold didn't completely fail however, props. Nordstrom Rack was a great choice this time around.

Theft Rating: Medium & snatched from the Haus of Flowers dressing rooms.

Yves Saint Laurent VS Chinatown Knock-Off Yves Saint Laurent.
Pero like...hook it up? What lady? Asking for a friend...

Theft Rating: High and Niall's solo career is a suspected accomplice.

Again Flowers shows us why he's "The Man." A more minimalistic approach with the design and a little splash of red with buttons on the jacket without going too circus on us. Another poorly fitted suit but not completely tragic Forever 21 pick up from Americana at Brand in Glendale for Harold. He's real.mp3

Theft Rating: High. They didn't even leave the hanger.

Harold is wearing the H&M inspired version of this designer button up. And my budget self would too lbr.

Theft Rating: Low charting like a One Direction / Brandon Flowers single. #JusticeForLonelyTown

Leather VS Pleather. Brandon how could you. Learn something from this.

Theft Rating: Low. I got nothing.

Either go big or go GOLD. BFlow went for it and also a went for fitted. Harry for whatever reason can't stop associating Tailor with Taylor. Get over it, man.

Theft Rating: Low. It's not even a real pocket.

rue21 VS rue21. stars, they're just like us.

Theft Rating: High and snatched straight off Brandon's back.

Fall 2017 Yves Saint Laurent VS Designer Rejected Garment Find at Ross© Yves Saint Laurent. get it Harry who cares, it's a brand name. i'm pressed. if i had gone to Ross just 10 minutes before you...you know i'm not even upset that was a good day for you.

Theft Rating: Hamburglar High.
A Louis Tomlinson Vocal Stems CD was left at the scene which can only be taken as a national threat.

Victims don't forget to BUY or stream the new album "Wonderful Wonderful" on & Spotify out NOW.

ONTD, who is your fashion inspiration and where do you shoplift?

Sources: Me + Image Sources 1 & 2

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