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Aug 23, 2007 21:09

Title: Buffy's Lost Weekend.
Author: Nutterbudgie
Pairing: Buffy/?
Rating: FRT (a tiny bit of swearing)
Word count: 350


She was gonna take a weekend off. That was it. She was Head Slayer, there had to be a perk. As she checked the teaching roster she saw others booking this weekend off. Willow, Xander - big surprise. There would be much movie watching, Snoopy dancing, snacks and giggles. She smiled.Those two did not get much time in the same continent, much less town; partying was called for.
Rona was booking off, Giles was listed away all ready! The hell! If there were being Watcher-perks she wanted equal time for Slayerdom!

So here was that "down time" she had wanted so much. Bright lights, loud music, alcohol,
20-something males dancing like roosters, all aggression and posture. Poinging about, gestures so wide her eyes hurt. Not gonna get lucky, may as well fight. God, how tiresome.
"Thanks for the dance!" she yelled brightly: he grabbed her arm as she turned away.
She grabbed his neck, gave a friendly little squeeze. "Tell you a secret, 'cuz you danced so pretty." His face went very red, eyes large and worried. "Women really don't like possessive bullshit, 'k?"
A high-pitched "mmmm" was about all he could vocalize - when she relaxed her hold, he scuttled away to repair his ego.

Next up, Mr. Suave. All 30-something well-dressed, not flashy, dances too close though - a touch of Slayer-speed leaves him gawping partnerless. This was rapidly becoming a tiring exercise.
She caught a glimpse of jeans-clad legs, long legs. She freely admitted to 'a thing' for legs (if she saw a nice pair!). Flashed up to greying hair; older than she usually went for. Back to those legs, connected to nicely mobile hips. Here was a dance partner she would like, sad to see a woman already there. Lucky woman put her hand on a well-dressed chest, 'Legs' snaked out an arm to pull her laughing form close. Lowered his head to whisper something in her ear.

Buffy felt an odd sense of almost deja-vu: No lights, no music, but Giles had made a move like that, whispering Watcher-wisdom to Dawn. Huh?
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