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May 29, 2013 09:45

Some art for the fantastic neverminetohold's entry to fivetimesbb. Look at all that lovely slash! Go read and enjoy dearies. :)

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Five Times Three Words Remained Unspoken But Were Plain To See And The One Time It Was So Bloody Damn Obvious

Title: "Love is... "
Fandom(s): Person of Interest; James Bond - Skyfall; The Bourne Legacy; Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol; 03:10 To Yuma; The Avengers
Rating: T
Summary: Love is...
… to accept pins and needles in your hand (even if you are in denial)
… going to McDonald's (much to Mr Bond's dismay)
… to massage his shoulders now (and get naked later)
… to let him go (he will need the head start)
… to follow, wherever he might lead (you thought you knew; you don't)
… to re-decorate Loki-style (happy coronary, Mr Fury!)
Links: LJ | AO3

multifandom, wild wild west, pretty boys, big bang, fanart

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