Sherlock Big Bang Art - The Haunting

Dec 07, 2012 22:47

Illustrations for sherlockbigbang. I adore this story! All of peeveee's work is absolutely fantastic (seriously, go read all her stuff!), but she really surpassed herself with this brilliant, creepy, atmospheric and yet touching casefic. I hope these drawings live up to her hard work! A quick warning: some of the drawings may contain spoilers - if you're worried, read the fic first! :)

Title: The Haunting
Author: peeveee
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock/John, Lestrade, Mycroft
Rating: Mature (for full warnings, see fic masterpost)
Summary: In an alternate, war-torn London in 1895, there are things stalking the streets after dark. A serial killer called Stitch-Face, known for the brutal, bloody slaughter of prostitutes; dark, faceless organisations whose members are rumoured to consist of the most powerful and influential; and most deadly of all, monsters known as Witch-kin.
A spate of unsolved murders, a mysterious young man with a dark secret, and at the centre of it all, Sherlock Holmes.

Image credits: reference photos from listal, imdb, 123rf and shutterstock. Texture courtesy of dollaberry @ deviantart. Endless thanks to peeveee for her feedback and suggestions.

To see more illustrations, studies and alternate versions of these images, check out my deviantart gallery dedicated to The Haunting!

sherlock bbc, big bang, fanart, john/sherlock, au, crossover

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