A Bad Date at the Red Wolf Brewpub

Jan 06, 2014 23:29

Title: A Bad Date at the Red Wolf Brewpub

Author: Alsike

Pairing: Ruby/Lacey

Rating: PG-13

Fandom: OUAT

Summary:  Lacey French does not do blind dates. Lacey French does not need dates, she's got people lining up to take her home. She doesn't need a 'relationship' when she's got work and sex and liquor instead.

Only maybe she's willing to finally try. ( Read more... )

once upon a time, ruby/lacey

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kith_koby February 4 2014, 21:51:26 UTC
So, it took me forever to get to this (because of Officer's Training, which I've completed the hardest stage of now), but I have. And it was excellent. A bit light, but made all the better for that. I loved Lacey;s entitlement and pride, and especially the fact that it was justified thanks to Steven being an idiot. All the Lacey/Ruby interactions were great, especialyl how easily they bonded, but at the end, when she kissed her, that was gold. And kate was kind of fun too, with her reaction. Quite fun, really, even if some Swan Queen would have been nice as well. Thanks for that!


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