Animals and Prizes 10

Dec 26, 2012 21:08

Title: Animals and Prizes (10 ( Read more... )

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kith_koby December 27 2012, 20:39:44 UTC
So... everything's okay, and it's just the holiday insanity, right?

I really liked what Doug talked about in this chapter. It was a very responsible attitude, believing that as alphas, they have a duty not to satisfy the urges of omegas, but rather to make sure betas and omegas can remain undisturbed from other alphas.


nike_ravus December 28 2012, 06:52:20 UTC
:) Things are fine. I had a memorial service to go to - and sing at! - so it was a sort of miserable/cathartic day. But it was lovely to come back to a pile of reviews!

I think young alphas have always self-governed, even when they were roving pillaging bands, and they've always run counter to the institutionalized alphas - lords and business leaders, who think they have rights to use people as currency. The young ones may also see omegas and betas as property, but not as commercial property.


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