Animals and Prize 7

Dec 21, 2012 10:57

Title: Animals and Prizes (7 ( Read more... )

knotting, jori, animals and prizes, victorious

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mayireadtoday December 21 2012, 17:09:50 UTC
Jade's father's selling her to Gavin already?! Ahhh! I really hope Tori and Jade end up together. I hope that Gavin isn't attracted to omega females but in order to get ahead in the corporate world you need to be attached to one so he's going after a non-traditional omega aka Jade. I hope Gavin let's Jade finish high school and doesn't knot her.

I have a question about age. Is there an age that is considered too young for Jade's father to be able to legally sell her off?

Tori's heading into a psychotic break the way she's trying to separate herself into alpha!Tori and beta!Tori.

I love how miserable Tori is when she's not close to Jade and Jade ignores her. THEIRS IS A DESTINED LOVE! Seriously, dude, I'm shipping them like CRAZY.


kith_koby December 23 2012, 19:50:19 UTC
Religion in this world is really creepy.

Tori is going to have split personalities at this rate.

Jade is right, about Tori having it easy. But still, that doesn't mean she's always in the right. If she was willing to accept certain parts of her personality as well, the relationship could be viable.


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