Atlantean Body Rub

Sep 13, 2009 18:38

Title: Atlantean Body Rub
Author: Alsike
Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over
Pairing: Emma Frost/Emily Prentiss
Rating: R
Word Count: 1096  (longer and longer!)
Prompt: 005.  Body Oil/Paints 
Apologies: Who knows when this happens?  Maybe in the fuck-buddies period, which covers a large percentage of their pre-Deirdre relationship.
All of these are probably going to be in my insane X-Men/Criminal Minds crossover universe, or AU from that. The smut should generally stand on its own.

 A visit (or a team-up) with Prince Namor was always time well spent.  He gave the best gifts.  (It was only mildly awkward.  In general the past was in the past.)

Inexplicably it had come to his attention that Emma was in something resembling a committed relationship, with an unexpected, but generally well spoken of person.  In congratulations he had personally given her a set of erotic body oils, a special Atlantean recipe that she was not allowed to copy in any way, though she was informed she would certainly want to once she tried them.

“A Prentiss?” he had asked, his stern demeanor betraying no wanton curiosity.  “I once had a friend of that clan.”

But still, Namor’s palace was rather far away from everything, and it was a long trip back.  She was bored and dialed what she always dialed when she was bored: Emily’s number.

“Hi,” came a weak creaky voice.

“You sound awful.”

“Sorry.  I had to get off the couch to get the phone and it made every muscle in my body hurt.”

“What did you do to yourself now?”

“Would you believe digging?”

“Don’t you have a swat team to deal with that for you?”

“It was sort of time sensitive.  I did something to my back.”

“Poor baby.”

“Don’t mock me.”

“Me?  Mock?  Never.”

This was too perfect an opportunity to pass up.  “Scott!  Drop me in DC, all right?”

He was unpleasant about it, but did as asked.



Emily stood at the door in her PJs, the phone still to her ear.

“Do you have to go into work tomorrow?”

“No, Hotch gave me and Morgan the day off, and a bottle of ibuprofen each.”


Emily looked awkwardly out from under her hair.  “Why are you here?”

Emma ignored the question and dropped her bag on the floor, shutting the door behind her.  “Get naked and lie face down on the bed.”

“Is that an order?”

“It’s for your own good.”

Emily grimaced.  “I’m kind of in too much pain to-”

“Just do what I say.”

That did not go over well.  Emily stiffened.  “Why do you always-”

“Fine!”  Emma cut off the incipient tirade.  “I am going to give you a massage, now strip before I give you a spanking instead.”

Emily laughed and shook her head, but she shed her PJs as she walked toward her bedroom.  “I can’t just obey you every time, you know.  Sure, most of the time you’re trying to do something nice for me, but I need to be careful.  You sometimes get ideas.”


The soft blue-green liquid drizzled across her shoulders, and Emily groaned.  “Oh god, what is that?”

“How does it feel?”

“Like… like fucking Tiger Balm, except sinking right into my body, through my entire body.”  Her hips ground into the mattress and Emma spread the oil across her back.  Then she started working it in.

“Oh fuck!”  Emily’s fingers dug into the sheets and her hips shook.  She arched her back and came without warning.  Emily pressed the heels of her hands deep into her lower back, long strokes that realigned the muscles.  Emily moaned and Emma felt the shiver of a small orgasm shake through her.

It was too hot and Emma rode her heel, already shuddering on the edge.  She straddled Emily’s bare thigh and ground down on it.  The heat rose through her hands and settled like tiny pools of electricity in her nipples and her cunt.  She came, soaking through her pants.

Her hands sunk into Emily’s ass and she was hot again.  Emily cried out as she kneaded firmly and another orgasm shuddered through her.  She came every few seconds as Emma worked her way down her body.  Emma shucked off her pants and tried to focus on Emily while she was burning up.

When she rolled Emily over, she was limp and pliant.  She mumbled incoherently as Emma lowered her body on top of her, lying cheek to cheek.  Emily slipped her fingers between her legs, bringing her off with barely a touch.

“That was the best fucking massage I’ve ever had,” she mumbled.  Emma curled around her, agreeing silently, tangled her fingers into her hair, and they slept.

criminal minds, x-men, citrus taste, emma/emily

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