Chocolate-Flavored Sex

Sep 12, 2009 20:59

Title: Chocolate-Flavored Sex
Author: Alsike
Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over
Pairing: Emma Frost/Emily Prentiss
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 400
Prompt: 003. Flavored Lube  (I really just love these wacky prompts)
Apologies: Same house as in # 002, there's just something about childhood bedrooms.
All of these are probably going to be in my insane X-Men/Criminal Minds crossover universe, or AU from that. The smut should generally stand on its own.

Emily was never quite certain when she agreed to be tied spread-eagled to the four-poster bed she had in her bedroom as a child.  But there she was, naked, with silk scarves tied around her wrists that only tightened the more she struggled.  She was blindfolded too, and she had complained bitterly about it.

She felt the bed dip on one side as someone got on and then fingers smeared something thick and jelly-like over her lower lip.  She grimaced at the taste.

“What is that?”  She wrinkled her nose and tasted her lip.  “It’s like… chemical raspberries.”

The fingers came and wiped away the goop, then another clump of it was spread over her mouth.  Her tongue darted out and she licked the fingers.  “Orange?”

There was laughter and the body moved to kneel between her spread legs.  Her lips were parted and the fingers smeared cool jelly over her aching sex.  Her companion’s body hovered over her and a stiff dome pressed into her.  It was slick with the same gel and it entered her smoothly, pushing her tight walls apart with a strong even thrust.  Emily gave a half-gasp half-cry.  She still wasn’t used to being penetrated, especially by things that weren’t fingers.

Her companion started to fuck her.  The cock moved slowly and rhythmically in and out of her.  She tipped her hips up to meet it and rocked against the body pounding against her.  Breasts brushed against hers and a mouth latched onto her neck.  The rhythm sped up and Emily felt her body begin to respond.  She was at the edge and the rhythm increased in speed again, and she came, her hips rising from the bed, and she jerked against her bonds as she came.

The cock withdrew though she was still aching.  A few brief kisses fell on her breasts and belly.  Then a tongue slipped inside her and she groaned.  Something cool and damp drizzled over her stomach and cunt.  The tongue lapped at her and she twitched.  The hot and cool had made her relax, letting the warm afterglow fill her.  The tongue cleaned her off and licked the cool drizzle off her belly before the body draped over her and the mouth found hers in a slow deep kiss.

“Chocolate?” she asked when her lover had broken the kiss.  “Why do you always save the best flavors for yourself?”

criminal minds, nc-17, ficlet, x-men, emma/emily

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