Sep 12, 2009 20:47

Title: Housewarming
Author: Alsike
Fandom: X-Men/Criminal Minds x-over
Pairing: Emma Frost/Emily Prentiss
Rating: R
Word Count: 218
Prompt: 002. Table
Apologies: Yeah, I'm time jumping again.  This is about ten or so years after Genosha.
All of these are probably going to be in my insane X-Men/Criminal Minds crossover universe, or AU from that. The smut should generally stand on its own.

Emily had never planned on going back to her mother’s house.  It was too big, too old, and held so many memories that her mother had hardly set foot inside for fifteen years after her father had died there.

But Emma wanted to start her own school again, and somehow she knew it would be perfect.

It had been so long since she had been back, and her childhood memories had faded so much, that in a way it felt like a new house.  It had been re-decorated as well, when her mother had finally come back to the states and started living there again.

Emily was discovering it as if for the first time.


It was an old table, built in the seventeen hundreds, in a monastery.  Emma took one look at it and then glanced back at Emily.

“Oh no.   No way.  I know what you’re thinking, and I’m saying no.”

“Come on,” Emma said, with a blatantly lecherous grin.  “It’s time to start making new memories here.”

“They don’t all have to be dirty memories!”

But before she knew it, Emily was bent over the table, her pants around her ankles as Emma pinned her arms and shoved the strap on deeper into her from behind.

The table survived.  It had probably seen worse.

criminal minds, ficlet, x-men, citrus taste, emma/emily

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