Dec 26, 2014 12:35

I'm exhausted. Are you all exhausted?

I'm updating from my kindle which is great...but I don't like typing on it like the laptop.

Tristan got so much stuff....idk where to put it all lol. Yesterday was nice but my neck got so bad by the end of the night. I wound up in bed at 8:30 while Adam stayed up and watched movies. I felt bad, but I told him we' ( Read more... )

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richyl88 December 26 2014, 21:54:17 UTC
I am! This whole week has been go-go-go. Today I plan to do nothing lol.

I really want to see that. I hope you like it :)


nicenicegirl December 28 2014, 18:45:07 UTC
yeah today was our relaxing day too lol


apeygirl January 8 2015, 12:35:11 UTC
Just catching up (sorry so late. I tend to let my flist entries pile up but never so many before replying. BAD FRIEND!).

I've seen Into the Woods TWICE! I'm mad about Sondheim and have seen the stage version of this particular one a billion times before the movie and LOVE IT, so I had to. I was 80-85% happy with it as an adaptation.

I'll see what you thought in the next, I assume. Either way, I encourage you to see the stage version with Bernadette Peters if you can (I can send you the mpeg if you like). The movie was serviceable but nothing to the show, IMO

And Christmas was exhausting for me. I cook and cook and cater to everyone's weird dietary needs and I never feel appreciated enough by the end. Honestly, all I want is for someone to help me clean and get leftovers away, but I am always surrounded by men who are in food comas and never lift a finger. :(


nicenicegirl January 11 2015, 00:57:42 UTC
that's ok i have a tendency to do that as well lol

i really liked it!! i only had a few complaints:

1.) the last half hour seemed to drag on and on and on. not sure if it's the same in the stage play but in the theater it was so long.

2.) Rapunzel just vanished by the end. i hear she was killed in the play, so idk why they didn't carry that on over?

3.) the wolf's song about Red Riding Hood REALLY creeped me out. i was so uncomfortable watching. i've heard in the stage show she's played by an older actress? that probably would have been for the best.

i LOVE Bernadette Peters!! yesssss if you can send that to me i would love to watch it!!

awww that really sucks, i'm sorry :( i'm sure they do appreciate it in their own caveman way lol


apeygirl January 25 2015, 23:54:51 UTC
and sorry this took so long. I'm sooo behind, my inbox has now taken over my life ( ... )


nicenicegirl January 27 2015, 01:08:19 UTC
i didn't even know you could send files over skype! how would you go about doing that? if that doesn't work snail mail works fine for me if you don't mind!

lmao they found two other princesses to sing about? that's hilarious. that makes sense tho that it wouldn't drag since there was more to it. it felt like most of the characters just kind of stood around for that last half in the movie.

it's funny, a lot of people are angry that Disney did it because it was such a darker film that people are used to. you should see the Disney facebook pages and people who are outraged by it. i'm like "you do know that Disney's fairy tales are watered down versions of the real stories, right??"

yep i really feel like they should have cast someone a bit older to play the part. originally they were going to cast that annoying little English girl Ellen always has on her show but i guess they switched her last minute. that would have been even creepier i think she's younger than the actress who played her in the movie.


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