Did someone say prompts? (part 1)

Jul 30, 2015 11:40

Fancy a close up look at some of our prompts? Here's the masterlist as at 8am this morning (AEST, July 30) to help you dig out those last, random spikes of inspiration ... barely 24 hours of prompting left , with prompts closing at noon on July 31, and claims opening at noon on August 1. Looks like we could be pushing 250 prompts by that point, so stay tuned!

The first 100 prompts:

  1. The power comes back on and Willoughby parties into the night.

  2. It's Charlie's 30th birthday, but she never expected to be celebrating quite this way.

  3. “Thank you, President Matheson.”

  4. The old men were scary but Charlie Matheson was terrifying.

  5. Your favourite dead character doesn’t die.

  6. No one does denial like a Matheson

  7. Bass’ parents and sisters don’t die.

  8. Danny is shot and killed, not Ben. Charlie is taken by Neville. Who does Ben turn to for help? (Blatantly stolen from the Revo Redux)

  9. Dial M for Murder.

  10. The things you do for family.

  11. A cure for sore muscles.

  12. Bass goes with Connor instead of helping Miles and Charlie save Willoughby.

  13. “House rule number one: You need to wear more clothes.”

  14. Charlie is intrigued when Nora explains that before the Blackout, women used to shave or wax their body hair.  Everywhere.

  15. Miles successfully overthrows Bass instead of escaping to Chicago.

  16. She wonders how she can sleep so soundly next to a killer.

  17. “They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.”

  18. They have to share a tent.

  19. “Professors aren’t meant to look like that!”

  20. “And what if I did love you?”

  21. You’re never too old for a lullabye.

  22. They’re handcuffed together - for 24 hours.

  23. “This chord is G.”

  24. The sex is … complicated.

  25. It’s nothing but a wasteland.

  26. “You wake up in the hospital and the first name out your mouth is mine?”

  27. The uniform lies on the bed staring back at you.

  28. “I’m sorry,” Gene says, pressing the bullet into your hand.

  29. It was dark and held the smell of earth and blood.

  30. “We’re trapped.”

  31. They like to compete to see who can keep her attention the longest.

  32. Charlie horrifies her family by joining the Marine Corps.

  33. He pulled his gloves off one finger at a time.

  34. Their stubble dragged against her skin.

  35. “What do you mean I’m pregnant?”

  36. Sometimes, you forget.

  37. You listen to their laughter through the door.

  38. “You wouldn’t dare!”

  39. “The President is waiting to see you.”

  40. They stand side by side, hands clasped tightly.

  41. No one was stupid enough to ask about the marks around her throat.

  42. The house at the top of the hill.

  43. “So tell me, is it true about you and the Professor/President/General/Doctor/Captain/Rebel/Boss.

  44. Character A leaves. Character B waits exactly one week before following them.

  45. Miles is actually Connor’s dad.

  46. Being Charlie’s father changes exactly nothing.

  47. They are Gods, and she, the unbeliever. (insp)

  48. “Just get in the damn sleeping bag before we freeze.”

  49. Sometimes he thinks he stays alive just to piss her off.

  50. They are a blur of adrenaline, pheromones and spite.

  51. “Friends help friends get off, right?”

  52. A new, favourite sin.

  53. The city is rotten to the core.

  54. Everything’s scarier in Texas.

  55. Check your soul at the door.

  56. “Strip.  Right down to that that itty-bitty knife in your bra.”

  57. Guns, whores and drugs are his business.  Not goddamn heroes.

  58. Six bullets, and her life was over.

  59. “Good guys are kinda overrated, anyway.”

  60. In frontier Willoughby, the new town sheriff comes face to face with the leader of a notorious outlaw gang.

  61. A famous warrior is counselled by a leader of the fae.

  62. “The family is in disgrace, of course, but the chit will do as a spy.”

  63. “I am glad to finally make your acquaintance, Miss Matheson.”

  64. “They said ‘speak now or forever hold your peace’ so i’m speaking up.”

  65. “Is there a reason you never say my first name?”

  66. “If you lick my ear again, I am not responsible for what happens next.”

  67. “I’ll burn the Republic to the ground before I see you take it over.”

  68. “Why are there hickeys on your thighs?”

  69. “I don’t care how old I am, I’m still running away from home.”

  70. Love letters.

  71. Two sides to every story.

  72. “Oh, you’ll know her when you see her.”

  73. The good, the bad, and the very, very, lucky.

  74. It’s gone too far.

  75. He’s… a little sentimental.

  76. Charred remains are all that is left.

  77. So what if the entire town tittered about their living arrangements behind their back?

  78. “There’s no quarter given here, you know that.”

  79. Regret comes in different shades.

  80. A disaster waiting to happen.

  81. “Not this again.”

  82. Sometimes, the past comes back.

  83. “Well, I guess the War Clans didn’t get the message!”

  84. Bass needs them on his side.

  85. Ivory and Steel.

  86. Please break me gently

  87. 16 shades of Blue

  88. My bad boy’s comin’ home.

  89. “That is the worst escape plan in the history of escape plans.”

  90. Hit me like a man (Song)(Lyrics)

  91. It’s a big, blue, Spanish sky. (Song)(Lyrics)

  92. Suicide Blonde (Song) (Lyrics)

  93. Red skies at night (Song) (Lyrics)

  94. Little Boy Blue, your Daddy’s gone (Song)(Lyrics)

  95. Underneath your clothes (song)(Lyrics)

  96. Back in Black (Song) (Lyrics)

  97. Nights in white satin (Song)(Lyrics)

  98. If I didn’t know better, (song)(Lyrics)

  99. The green, green grass of home (song)(lyrics)

100. Glory and Gore (song)(Lyrics)

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