Prompt Collection V4.0

Apr 28, 2015 17:43

So, here we are again. I know among you there must be some spare words and phrases you've been saving for a rainy day, and well, guys... it's pouring - so hand them over!

I know it's been a long time between prompt tables, but with the show coming back (albiet in a very different format) I think it's time (possibly, the last time).

We're fandom...we read into everything from cast interviews to barely noticible inhales of breath to eye contact that lasts a little too long, and of course in how everyone stands way too close on this show.

So what if everything's 2D now? *shrug* I'm sure we'll still find subtext.

With this in mind, as a rough timeline I'm thinking, 50 prompts, 50 days  - Wednesday, 6 May 2015 to Thursday, 25 June 2015.

See here and here and here for the kind of words you threw at us in previous years. (And there's no rule that says you can't steal use those words, if you want.)

- - -

1. You can suggest a two word phrase, but it can't be a long phrase. (It has to fit in a table)
2. You can suggest as many single words as you like.
3. You must have fun.

This post will be active until May 4th.

Please comment as much as you want, but always post in a long line for easy collection, eg:

!season: two, (misc): community countdown, (misc): prompt cache, !post show: 2015, (misc): community activity, !season: one

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