So Tracy's birthday was a day ago (in some timezones) + here's 4 promo Bates Motel pics

Feb 22, 2015 23:35

It was February 20th. And apparently there was cake (made by Billy's wife - hee, she's totally been adopted into Billy's family).

Thank you for all the birthday love everyone!! 😘😘
- Tracy Spiridakos (@trspiridakos) February 21, 2015

Birthday cake!! Cake and photo provided by pollyannarose_ ❤️
- Tracy Spiridakos (@trspiridakos) February 21, 2015

Birthdays to follow: Elizabeth Mitchell - March 27 || David Lyons - April 16 || Giancarlo Esposito - April 26


ANNNNNNND apparently we have some pics of Tracy on Bates Motel already (S3 premieres March 9, 2015) via the Bates Motel Latino FB:

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