Giancarlo got his star on the walk of fame today \o/

Apr 30, 2014 20:26

So, Giancarlo got his star today/yesterday (depends on your timezone)...and he was as serious and hard to read as usual...

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Variety | Giancarlo Esposito Walk of Fame Ceremony

And Tracy and Kripke were there and Timothy Hutton, and Erin Gray (who I had to google)...and I think his girls too.

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On our way thegiancarloesposito Star Ceremony!
- Tracy Spiridakos (@trspiridakos) April 29, 2014

Friends??? Charlie vs Tom… @trspiridakos @quiethandfilms
@NBCRevolution #Revolution Don't they both clean up nice?
- AFF-USA (@AFF_USA) April 29, 2014

here's a cute shot of our gift to @quiethandfilms at his pre- #WalkofFame Star dinner! @coldstone #yum #revolution
- Wallman PR (@WallmanPR) April 29, 2014

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Variety | ‘Breaking Bad’ Star Giancarlo Esposito on a Career ‘Just Beginning’

Though he turned 56 last week and has been a professional performer since age 8, Esposito says he hardly considers himself a veteran. “I feel like I’m just beginning,” he says with a laugh. Yet Esposito is set to be honored with a major career achievement, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on April 29. Though he has a long stage and film career, he is being recognized in the television category, as the medium has been very good to him of late - he’s starring on season two of NBC’s “Revolution” as insurance adjuster turned militia leader Tom Neville.

While he awaits word on another season of “Revolution,” Esposito is pursuing a second passion: directing. He made his feature debut with 2008’s “Gospel Hill,” about the murder of a civil-rights activist. And he is “deeply ensconced” in a movie he hopes to shoot by the end of the summer, “John Brown: Patriotic Treason,” which will star Ed Harris as the abolitionist. Based on Evan Carton’s 2006 book “Patriotic Treason: John Brown and the Soul of America,” Esposito will also star as Frederick Douglass.

He says he couldn’t be happier with the place he is in right now. “The most important part is to keep creating. I’m excited to be on this trajectory; I think I’m right where I’m supposed to be.”

Read the full thing here.

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