The Fragile

Nov 19, 2012 14:53

Life changes so should feelings. It’s natural for a viewpoint to shift after some years. You can find someone so interesting and lovable but realize that those feelings were misguided. It’s an interesting development to realize that what you knew of love was nothing if not immature. To embrace love for the first time is life changing and so important. I think the transition from love to friendship is as easy as realizing that you have found something good. It takes embracing something magic to realize you never had it before. The true test to any relationship is how to survive it and if so, love it. Love the broken and fragile. The fragile is the sweetest part.
Broken bones heal but broken hearts always stay wounded. The fortunate souls who realize they are better off without the constant misery. I find it interesting to see the object of desire become human. We often see those we care for as more than human, they become the unattainable, the forbidden fruit. When those people fall, it’s hard not to smile at your loss. You might not have won the battle but the war seems to be in your own hands. It’s a very destructive viewpoint but an honest view that most people will never admit to feeling. It’s natural to take some sort of pleasure in seeing those that have hurt you and broken you, come undone. We should rejoice because we all feel pain and that’s what makes us so human. There is not pain without pleasure and in the pain, we find some semblance of who we are.
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