Buffy #6 review

Feb 09, 2012 19:10

In a nutshell:
Very good issue. Really inspired art, especially in the last scene. All the emotional nuances are written on the characters' faces.
Great dialogue. "We don't all have spaceships!" - hysterical!
Interesting, controversial content. I don't want to assess the story before reading it whole - but, so far, it's fascinating.
the devil is in details (spoilers) )

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hann23 February 9 2012, 22:31:42 UTC

"So, Spike's chances of being a father are highter than a month ago. Joss says that we don't know stuff that will make us judge Buffy less harshly. Of course, if it's Spike, then it's no wonder that he didn't use condom (and if it's Xander - we have to judge Buffy harsher). Chambliss' words, too, becomer very clear: Spike doesn't want to hurt Buffy, so he doesn't tell her that it's his baby, because he doesn't want to make abortion harder for her. Let her think it was nameless neighbor.

I don't say that it's Spike - but, for the first time, I started to ponder seriously on that possibility. And I think that if it's really Spike's baby, then it won't survive -- because Joss has to keep his damn shipper status quo."

This, I think that you really pegged, if Spike is the father. I really did not think Whedon would allow that kind of connection between Buffy and Spike. After reading your review, I can see him doing it. Whedon could explore the Buffy-Spike-baby connection by tearing it apart.

It was a great review. Thanks and thanks for all your fan fiction posts. I can't wait to see what the authors pull together after this comic.


moscow_watcher February 10 2012, 10:21:33 UTC

Welcome, honey! I'm glad you like my posts.

I can't wait to see what the authors pull together after this comic.

Yes, I'm very curious too. On one hand, the situation is very fic-worthy; OTOH, getting what you want may kill the desire. I don't remember a single Bangel post-space-frak fic.

But we'll see. Fanfiction is one of the ways to channel our frustrations with canon, and I'm sure that Joss will make us frustrated. A lot. :)


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