5 years with DEmily

Sep 21, 2010 23:23

Love these two. So here's my art picspam. Events, photoshoots, behind the scenes and etc. Enjoy ♥

And i want to say...

...BIG thanks to lexxa_is_loved for professional help in Photoshop and real support in my picspam idea! Thanks, dear, really.

...thanks to biba79 for awesome collection of the hq-photos!

...thanks to luciddreamer326 for interesting scans.

...thanks to emily_news, demily_stills, emily_david, 206_bones and bones_ga for the photos.

And last but not least. Happy Birthday, izumi_amaya! Через несколько дней у тебя день рождения. Пусть этот пикспам будем моим небольшим подарком. Аленка, желаю тебе радости жизни и солнца за осенним окном! Обнимаю!!!

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Let's go!

David: And to Emily... who... I don't know... I... There are moments when... you know... you just see someone and you're working and that person just recognizes something inside of the other person and says you know I'm... I'm there to help you get through a scene or help you to figure out a moment and I thank you so much from my heart and I give my heart to not only you but the cast. So thank you and congratulations on our hundredth.

Emily: For David... my amazing partner… and I just... I feel the same way with you. He's helped me through so many hard times and good times and. I feel like we can sometimes understand each other without even speaking words.

Comments are appreciated! ♥ ♥ ♥

picspam, actress: emily deschanel, actor: david boreanaz

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