Specific Canon Era Deamon AU and Modern AU with Magic Bus

May 12, 2021 14:42

So, I don't remember much about these fics, and I really hope that what I do remember is not completely mixed up. But I will try to describe as much as I can think of.

So, as title says:

1. I'm looking for Canon Era Daemon Au, where I think everyone has a daemon with Polish name. I think it was gen but might've been Merthur or even other pairing. ( Read more... )

theme: au (modern day), character: merlin, character: arthur, theme: au (canon), category: fanfic (specific), genre: gen, *found

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brunettepet May 12 2021, 13:04:22 UTC
Is the magic bus story this one? https://archiveofourown.org/works/575175


ascello May 12 2021, 13:25:30 UTC
Yes, that's it! Thank you. :)


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