Apr 23, 2014 15:37

Why is it that people all around the globe only seem to be consuming American culture?
Don't they have some movies, some series or some books on their own?
It is good if there are some certain things which are known all around the globe, so that you only need to mention one word and the opposite knows what you are talking about - but isn't there more than Batman, Spiderman, Star Wars, vampires biting through the neighborhood, detectives shooting round a famous town and besides clearing a murder? Isn't there more than what's going on in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Florida, or some small town in the American / Canadian wilderness?
Doesn't something also take place in the Netherlands, in Spain, in Germany, in Mexico, in Norway, South America, Kazakhstan, the Caucasus or perhaps Africa?
Barely there is a reason to visit another country when the culture they're talking about is fifty percent or more the same culture they're talking about in your country. Why exchanging, why seeing something different if all you get is the same you can receive at your home, only with different subs?
Why putting interest in a foreign land anyway if their culture is already mostly the same that is taken note of in your country?
Their landscapes alone don't make the difference.

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