“Nonbinary” as/is a result of socio-cultural deadlock

Mar 25, 2021 00:15

I figure it’s just as I suspected about “nonbinary” and all these terms...
Actually, it’s only about not meeting the expectations of one’s respective culture for male and female. That’s all about it, if not individually interpreted in a different way.

Well, as explored further here, not just that it doesn’t have anything to do with either physical or mental sex (the latter is, unfortunately, very, very much confused with the cultural expectations towards both sexes) - if seen through the lens of a different cultural upbringing, it leaves you behind with a couple of questions:

1) What is this about? What’s the big deal about this?
2) What’s so special about that? Isn’t it like self-evident that you don’t fulfill every socially expected character trait or supposed preference of your sex?
3) Why does such a circumstance need extra attributes and identities to wipe them in everybody’s faces?
4) Who wants to know this about a person at all after exchanging just a couple of words? Isn’t it so with everyone that you have to get to know the person’s individual preferences, character traits and so on because everyone wants things a little different than the other?

The more you try to understand it, the more you come to feel like it’s an issue of “a bag of rice falling over in China”. An actually trivial thing pumped up like a huge blister.
And the more you see some people turning over in their minds what kind of supposed “sex” (always expressed as “gender”) they belong to because of being or liking this or that which is labeled “untypical” of their born sex, the more extremely confused they get what side of things they actually are placed on.
That’s because mental sex and “gender” (the artificial term that John Money established) are mistaken to be one and the same.
In truth, these people find themselves in conflict what kind of expectations society directs at them based on their physical sex, associating certain personality traits, preferences and role behavior firmly with it. Not with their actual biological and mental sex.
But due to throwing those three - biological and mental sex and social/cultural expectations - into one and the same pot, not regarding them as separate subjects, they make the mistake to believe something is wrong with their biological and mental sex.

In other words, the words of an outsider to this, this would be: It’s being stuck in human culture and not realizing its relativity. Barely anything of that can be factually undermined as “this is the right path” and “this is the wrong path”. And expectations and cultural images can also change over time.
So it doesn’t matter how you do things, how you want things and how you prefer things - there is no real right&wrong.
You are as you are as a personality, that doesn’t automatically negate your biological sex and your mental sex. - Unless you really want it to and actually aim at a different path (transition).
Nearly everyone harbors anything that its respective society would label as “untypical”.
The reason why not everyone makes a drama about this is: They can integrate it very well into their personal identity.
They’ve undergone the process of realizing this part of themselves doesn’t make them lesser a male or a female. Maybe they didn’t even have to do that because their early surroundings weren’t that narrow-minded about that!

The core thing about “nonbinary” and all the other attributes pointing in a similar direction content-wise is: Becoming aware of the wrongs and fallacies of one’s own culture. Even about the culture that the economy, advertising, popular movies, media on the whole and commerce create.
This is all relative and not be taken with a grain of salt. Neither it is cast in stone for all eternity.
All that is, in easy terms, a fantasy world created by human will and it doesn’t necessarily have much to do with biological and mental sex.
If those expectations and cultural norms don’t suit your character, don’t get a different identity scheme and leave it as it is - challenge it. Do your thing, progress in life with your head upright.
The bigger the number of people who do this and don’t hide in their illusion of “being a different kind of human than the rest”, the quicker such narrow schemes for how people have to be like will blur.

So, as a conclusion to this: If you already live in a headspace of not expecting much of what a person “is supposed to be like” without really knowing it more closely, and accepting nearly everything that it’s going to answer or reveal about itself, those attributes for “neither man, nor woman” are superfluous.

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