Vaccine AND medicine

Sep 10, 2020 01:10

A critical question that slowly but surely comes to mind the longer this pandemic persists all around the globe:

Why the heck are all making the biggest fuss about acquiring a vaccine against the disease?

Arguing with the facts, no country in the world has either a reliable vaccine, nor a med or a reliable treatment against Covid-19 (the vaccine ( Read more... )

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onb2017 September 20 2020, 17:28:50 UTC
Looks like you were right last weekend: you posted a lot! I will try to read it but not quite familiar with the other topics so won't comment. This one though, actually it's a good point. I wonder too how the vaccine for a virus can solve anything? Usually the bacterial infections can be battled this way but the viral? So yeah, looks like there is some agenda behind it rather that a cure.


matrixmann September 20 2020, 19:24:03 UTC
I've wondered myself of being so active - literally having something to say every day (and I shifted posts at least to a next day, so they don't get 3 on one day and then 4 days of radio silence...)...

As far as I can figure it, I guess they cling to that stick in order to get their previous state, society and economical order back as soon as possible.
Vaccine seems like the way that could work quicker than a med.

Although, I feel like that's accepting a pretty high risk...
You know, only time will tell if the vaccine really works or if, how long it will be. If it'll be half a year or a year or just only 2 months and work too ineffectively to even distribute it...

At the moment, I think it's just religious hoping.
Like hoping for God to take their burdens away.


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