The queer hardness-phobia

May 04, 2020 11:02

“So then, if you have a lot to criticize about LBGTQA+ culture, what is it then what you want instead? What do you want it instead to be like?”

“I want it to be a place that also offers space for hardness. That isn’t afraid of hardness. That constantly doesn’t harbor an obsession with femininity and mentally equates that with the softness that is ( Read more... )

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matrixmann May 18 2020, 23:34:59 UTC
The image of the red and the blue pill is used quite frequently by various political forces for whatever context...

Looked it up - no, word about that didn't really make it around to me.

But I can imagine for myself why that response came back to him...
Musk seems pretty angry with California that they shut down his Tesla factory because of the coronavirus outbreak. (I think he was even like "if I don't get my will, I'm gonna reopen by force!", wasn't it?)
Well, seemingly either he jumps on that Republican train - by using a meme that has become common among them - just to annoy those which shut down his business, and signalize support towards those which would support his will to reopen his business, like a little child. Or, who knows, maybe he really is on that political side.
Well, whatever...

That one of the Wachowski siblings reacted this way, is pretty understandable.
Back then, as the film was made, them two were still brothers, today they're both sisters.
So to say, a group which uses an idea/literal image that they created, which is usually encountered working their best against that kind of people which the two creators are themselves. (They didn't transition simultaneously; one started up and then years after that, the other started it too.)

Of course, this can receive the response of a "Fuck you!" if noticed. Because that what those Republican people made of it for sure wasn't a message which the Wachowski siblings intended back then.


onb2017 May 19 2020, 17:56:16 UTC
Yes, thanks, that makes a lot of sense. I thought it was mainly because of his fight with the government about opening the factory but sounds that the "red pill" has had a very bad taste for a while! In any case it is conservative AF.


matrixmann May 19 2020, 18:15:53 UTC
Yes, with knowing that background to the story of the two creators of the film, it becomes more than plausible that one of them disliked his sudden "turn" in thought (I think it was, normally, Musk gets sorted to the liberal side).

Anyway, it shows more than obviously how much a child this guy is in his head. Or better say: Narcissistic as a little child (the little child you wouldn't hold it against because it's not mature enough to think broader).


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