The queer hardness-phobia

May 04, 2020 11:02

“So then, if you have a lot to criticize about LBGTQA+ culture, what is it then what you want instead? What do you want it instead to be like?”

“I want it to be a place that also offers space for hardness. That isn’t afraid of hardness. That constantly doesn’t harbor an obsession with femininity and mentally equates that with the softness that is supposed to be the general emotionality of the human soul. Who the heck has established that association anyway? Isn’t that copycatting “enemy propaganda” or some sort of that?
Also, it would be nice if people weren’t constantly reduced to their sexual orientation or their preferences, but to the personalities they are. Even LBGTQA+ people can be assholes, can be criminals and bitchy creatures, committing morally bad behavior and being personally uneasy to deal with.
LBGTQA+ people also ought not to follow only a certain set of politics that seems like “endorsable” in their situation by outsiders or scene-insiders. For example: What is with those who enjoy their time spending it with guns, spending it in a uniform or a fighting suit, studying the arts of battle? Instead of making a fuss about playing with their genitals? Are they no less part of the group or doesn’t it just not suit a cliché about LBGTQA+ that LBGTQA+ has about itself?
Give those ones a place inside your scene and a steady public representation, so that people who have those preferences don’t feel as excluded and alien as they do now. You have hidden way too long behind your shield of sex and “stand by your sensitive side”! It’s a matter of fact that some people just don’t have that interest so much or that sensitive side inside their personality, or they don’t show it to others in that way which you’d regard as your understanding of “liberated”. They’re just that personality that they are and besides they’re LBGTQA+.”

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