Freudscher Versprecher

Apr 19, 2020 02:27

49176 Hilter

Was aussieht wie ein Schreibfehler, ist in der Tat aber eine real existierende Stadt in Deutschland.
Die fünfstellige Zahl ist seine zugehörige Postleitzahl.

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onb2017 April 20 2020, 14:41:51 UTC
I honestly read 'Hitler' at first because it is so close your brain just assumes and replaces the letters. You know sometimes people learn to read like that-without sounding out but just visually remembering symbols.

Does it mean anything or just another name?


matrixmann April 20 2020, 15:38:55 UTC
It's the name of a small town.
I happened to stumble over it because there must be a factory that makes frozen dinners. Nasi Goreng manufactured in Hilter I found in the deep freeze in a grocery shop - so to say.


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