Feb 29, 2020 18:53

In regard to the coronavirus epidemic:

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Be happy that it's a plague just as deadly as only influenza. It could be something way more lethal, and, in regard to the degree of globalization and the dependence of production chains on sometimes just one or two countries (because it is so cheap in Western currencies to produce goods in them ( Read more... )

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maadmike February 29 2020, 19:02:46 UTC
Human... Civilization... sounds interesting! ;)


matrixmann February 29 2020, 20:12:06 UTC
Well, it is as it is.
If it was something more deadly which was on the loose now, it could have no less impact than any fictional story that was ever written about such subject.
Through the supply chains of goods, foods and meds and mass tourism, any shit that has had a recent outbreak somewhere on the planet can end up landing and spreading anywhere in the world.
And this would possibly mean: Let's see what will be left of whole mankind after that.


maadmike March 1 2020, 10:38:47 UTC
Virus, climate change, different Earth dissastets all these things are obvious but when I hear the words - "society" (which sounds like "to suck" in Russian, intelligence, Civilization I think about world wars... and here we are the Turkey threatening Russia and ready with mutual agreement of all players to start new Third World War... So, yes... Intelegence!


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