When things don’t match

Oct 13, 2019 15:18

A trans-kid doesn’t think in terms like “trans” and whatever the adult world offers to describe this situation.
It just tries to be who it wants to be, copies the kind of behaviors it identifies with - and meanwhile that, it encounters that its surroundings signalize it that there’s a discrepancy between the expectations towards it and its actual thinking and acting patterns.

(Translation for ignorants, radical feminists and radical gender activists: A trans-kid feels itself as either male or female, only it has the problem that the body doesn’t match with that inner identity. It neither thinks in how right or wrong, sexist and stereotypical it is what it does or believes in, nor does it search hard for a justification of its genitals in accordance with its mental gender. It knows which sex carries which usually, but just decides for itself that it’s not what matters the most to define an image of oneself. Because of that, it also prefers to not make a big deal out of it.)

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